Dr. Chris Farrugia offers nationwide training for dentists who want to successfully access medical benefits for their service.

"Dentistry is a wonderful profession. Unfortunately, we dentists have developed a culture of being "doers". We tend to think that our compensation is based on only what we DO. We are then not properly compensated for what we KNOW. This problem is compounded by the fact that, as a profession, we give away more of our services than any other healthcare profession. This is particularly true about diagnostics. When a dentist considers how to increase practice fee revenue, we should first look to be better compensated for what we are already DOING and giving away. "                                         

Chris P. Farrugia, DDS

Dr. Chris P. Farrugia is a speaker, teacher, and leader in digital dentistry. He trains dentists nationwide who want to advance their practices with digital imaging, CEREC, and to successfully access medical benefits for their services. 

The Books
Successful Medical Billing - The SUPER Book

The latest in the Successful Medical Billing series, The SU...





Successful Dental Sleep Medicine

Clinical and financial success in treating sleep apnea patients requires complementary and concur...



Successful Dental Sleep Medicine and The SUPER Boo...


Available Online Courses
Successful Medical Billing: ADVANCED

Once dental practices are fundamentally sound in the claims process, medical claims may be succes...


Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS

This Course is the complete Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS Course including the followi...



This course is designed for those practices  that wish to focus their learning on medically ...


Successful Medical Billing: Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Teledentistry

One positive thing that came out of the coronavirus pandemic was the introduction of telehealth t...


Available Modules
Getting Paid : Great Eight List

Success with medical billing relies on more than knowledge of codes or putting codes on a claim f...


ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

Structure, Selection, and Prioritization of ICD-10 diagnosis codes.


Introduction to CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)

Medical procedure codes are discussed in this module including common codes for:

E/M (Eva...


Completing the CMS 1500 Claim form

The CMS1500 claim form is the request for payment submitted to a medical insurance company. It ca...


FUNDAMENTAL Claim Documentation

Medical claims submitted by dental practices will not be paid until the medical insurance company...


Submitting documented claims

Once the claim and documentation are ready for submission, how should it be submitted? What softw...


Dealing with Medical Insurance Companies

Submitting medical claims means you’ll have to deal with medical insurance companies. This ...


Everyday FUNDAMENTAL Coding Exercises

Codes meet paper in the module! Coding exercises for everyday clinical situations are presented. ...


Implementing Medical Billing in the Dental Office

No need to re-invent the wheel! Dr. Farrugia will address practical matters that smooth the imple...


BEYOND FUNDAMENTALS: A Sneak Peek at Surgical Coding

This module introduces concepts preparing practices for surgical coding. Medical claims for wisdo...


Coding for Exams and Consultations

In this module, Evaluation/Management CPT coding for exams and consultations will be discussed. C...


Introduction to Medical Billing for Maxillofacial CT

This module introduces basic concepts for medical billing for maxilllofacial CT in your practice....


Advanced Course: REVIEW of FUNDAMENTAL basics

Brief review of medical necessity, LMNs, claim documentation, medical record keeping (SOAP), ICD-...


Global Medical Policies

Success with medical claims will dramatically increase if you are aware of the global medical pol...


CT-Computed Tomography

An in-depth, seven part look at reimbursement for medically necessary maxillofacial CT taken by d...



Maxillofacial trauma is routinely evaluated and treated in dental practices. The medical coding o...


OSA - Mandibular Advancement Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)

Treatment of diagnosed OSA by mandibular advancement is becoming more and more common in dental p...



Dental practices diagnose and/or treat Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). This module will presen...


Surgery: Wisdom Teeth

Dental insurances are requiring the filing of medical claims for the surgical removal of wisdom t...


Surgery: Bone Grafting

One of the most common hard tissue surgical procedures that is billable to medical insurance is b...


Surgery: Reconstructive (Implants)

Reconstructive procedures of the maxilla and mandible are commonplace in dental practices. Coding...


Surgery-Periodontal (Soft Tissue)

Medically necessary soft tissue periodontal surgery (gingivectomy) is presented in this module.&n...



Medical billing involves putting codes on a claim form. Successful medical billing is entirely different. Whether new to medical billing or looking for more success, our Successful Medical Billing FUNDAMENTALS course (live or video), Successful Medical Billing ADVANCED course (live or video), SUCCESSFUL DENTAL SLEEP MEDICINE course (live), and SUCCESSFUL MEDICAL BILLING: Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Teledentistry (video) will teach you how to bill with confidence and what you need to know to access medical benefits in your practice.

The BooksTORE

The journey of implementing medical billing into dental practices is guided by the series: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists. Dr. Farrugia's signature strategy for handling medical claims is shared in the book: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists: FUNDAMENTALS. The compliment to his immensely popular course, this book is the ultimate guidebook for dentists who want to begin to successfully access medical benefits for their services. Refining "beyond the basics" coding strategies and systems are central to the second book in the series: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists: ADVANCED. The series continues with ICD-10 for Dentists: CODES. This book condenses tens of thousands of ICD-10 diagnosis  and CPT procedure codes to those commonly used by dental practices. And the latest addition to the series: Successful Dental Sleep Medicine. This book uniquely combines the medical billing and clinical practice of dental sleep medicine. 



Like the rest of the country, the SMB live speaking and teaching schedule is "on pause" due to the coronavirus and will resume... likely in the fall. Fortunately you don't have to wait until then to get started with medical billing! Successful Medical Billing course content is available in Video format for complete courses and individual subject modules are available on the homepage of this site or at smbdu.com

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