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Successful Medical Billing For Dentists I FUNDAMENTALS: Exams, Consultations, Radiographs, and CT

Dr. Chris Farrugia spent years decoding the process of medical billing for his dental practice. By carefully analyzing the patterns of diagnosis and procedure codes common to paid claims, Dr. Farrugia developed a signature strategy for handling claims, and has a solid track record of success. The companion to his immensely popular course, Successful Medical Billing: The Dentist's Guide is the ultimate guidebook for dentists who want to begin to successfully access medical benefits for their services. This updated guide contains all the information needed to understand how successful medical billing protocols can be established based on the information flow and forms used by Dr. Farrugia in his practice. Some common clinical scenarios that are billable to medical insurance are presented to illustrate successful claims. NOTE: Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS course participants are eligible for a discount on the cover price of this book with your registration in a SMB Fundamental course. We highly recommend course attendance, as the book was written to serve as an adjunct to the course and as a post-course reference guide.


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