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ICD-10 and CPT For Dentists: CODES

ICD-10-CM has over 69,000 codes! There are a hundred zillion CPT codes!  Most of which have nothing to do with your practice. Dr. Farrugia makes ICD-10 understandable by providing instruction on ICD-10, highlighting the common ICD-10 and CPT codes you will use daily, and providing descriptions, informational, and instructional notes, and a cross-coding of CPT/CDT. Instead of wading through two separate (and expensive!) tomes of ICD-10 and CPT codes, this condensed, updated reference guide has every thing you need to understand and use ICD-10 and CPT and to code for both medical and dental claims with confidence.


Because ICD-10 will be required on the ADA Dental claim form, as a bonus, Dr. Farrugia has included complete instructions of the current protocols for completing both claims: the CMS1500(2/12) AND the ADA (2012) claim forms.